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John D. Green















Council Member


Councilor John D. Green has served on the Elk Valley Rancheria , California Tribal Council since 1985. The various positions he's held are Tribal Chairman, Tribal Vice-Chairman, and Council Member. Councilor Green is  highly involved in several organizations and is currently serving on boards for UIHS, California Indian Forest Fire  Managements, IHS California Area Advisory Council, California Indian Manpower Consortium, California  Environmental Protection Agency Tribal Advisory, and the  California Department of Transportation Tribal  Advisory Committee.


Councilor Green is dedicated to the best interests of the Tribe and is a lifelong resident of Del Norte County. Councilor Green continues to bring a great deal of knowledge both culturally and environmentally for the  different committees on which he serves. Currently Councilor Green serves on the Cultural Committee, Housing  Committee, Cemetery Committee, Culture Resources Committee, and NAGPRA.



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